Innovating Cancer Diagnosis

Our Concept: Innovating Cancer Diagnosis

Discover how Cellda AB is reshaping cancer diagnostics with groundbreaking technology and expertise.

Our Vision for the Future

To replace manual, time-consuming and subjective cancer diagnostics with safe, fast and objective automated diagnostics Resulting in less suffering and better quality of life for patients and their relatives.

Innovative Solutions

We’re committed to creating innovative cancer diagnostics that enhance patient care

Global Impact

Our technology has the potential to make a global difference in cancer diagnosis

Empowering Healthcare

We aim to empower healthcare professionals with reliable and efficient tools for diagnosis

The Purpose of Our Product

To make the diagnosis of prostate cancer faster, more cost-effective, objective and reproducible with the help of computerized image analysis of scanned microscope images from prostate samples.

  • Improved diagnostic certainty
  • Reproducible diagnosis
  • Faster to patient treatment plan




In capital

10 000

New prostate cancer cases every year in Sweden

1,4 million

Cases worldwide

Our Product – Cellda® Prostate

Cellda®Prostate is providing faster, more accurate, and objective diagnosis. It is based years of research, expertise, and a deep commitment to improving healthcare for patients worldwide.

Our product, Cellda®Prostate, is intended for the automatic analysis of digital images of prostate biopsies, distinguishing between normal and abnormal samples. It seamlessly integrates into the standard workflow of pathology labs.

With Cellda®Prostate, we aim to empower healthcare professionals with a powerful tool that enhances the quality of patient care and contributes to the ongoing fight against prostate cancer. Explore how Cellda® Prostate is shaping the future of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Message from the CEO

“We're at the forefront of cancer diagnostics”

…pioneering innovative solutions for prostate cancer diagnosis. Our commitment to excellence drives us to create cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes healthcare. Join us on this journey towards a healthier future.

– Susanne Bredenberg, CEO Cellda AB

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