Erik Forsberg

Our new CEO and new chairman of the board

The board has appointed Erik Forsberg as the new CEO of MM18 Medical AB. He comes from EIT Health Scandinavia, where he served as CEO and a member of the European management team, and succeeds the current CEO, Sören Nygren. Furthermore, Sören Nygren was appointed as the new Chairman of the Board, replacing Erik Wilander, who will remain on the board as a member, focusing on new clinical trials and collaborations with pathology laboratories as the company advances its image analysis technology.

“During the succession discussion, the board noted Erik Forsberg’s experience in leadership positions in both the international, national, and regional innovation support systems, as well as in positions in the business and university sectors. This experience is a significant asset and opportunity, and he possesses the right skill set to take the company to the next level,” said Erik Wilander, former Chairman of MM18.

“As part of MM18, I am both honored and excited to have the trust of the board and the main owners to lead the company into the future—alongside the team, our partners, and our future customers. I am confident that we are ready to accelerate the development of MM18’s image analysis technology to launch digital pathology products in the market,” said Erik Forsberg.

Additionally, two new members were appointed to the company’s board: Jack Spira and Susanne Bredenberg. “Our board is a dedicated team with decades of experience in key areas such as the development of successful startups, technology development, advanced software development, pathology, and the launch of innovative products. These experiences are all crucial to MM18’s mission of providing image analysis tools for digital pathology, and we are proud to welcome Jack and Susanne, whose advice and expertise will be of tremendous support to our ongoing work,” noted Sören Nygren.

MM18 Medical has successfully completed an investment round of 1.8 million Swedish kronor (SEK).

In pursuit of streamlining the manual diagnosis of prostate samples through a transition to digital pathology and computerized image analysis, as well as responding to global demand for faster cancer patient diagnosis and the need for improved patient quality of life, MM18 Medical AB conducted a new share issue. Automatic image analysis of tissue samples is crucial to keeping pace with increasing demands. The investment round is fundamental to accelerating technology development and preparing for the launch of an image analysis tool for the pathology market. New investors include Kjell and Märta Beijer AB, Linnéa Capital AB, among others, while existing investors, including UU Invest AB, continued to invest in MM18. “We are very pleased to see such a broad spectrum of investors recognizing the value of our image analysis technology, and both new and existing investors supporting us. Thanks to their support, MM18 can continue its development, contribute to the digital transition in pathology, and launch a product that will improve the lives of prostate patients,” said Erik Forsberg, CEO of MM18 Medical AB.

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